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Last Updated: January 26, 2022
Shopping for your little one online is fun, easy and allows you the flexibility and comfort of doing your own research while browsing through a wide selection of quality products, following safety measurements and assuring the best purchases possible for your baby or toddler. Whether you’re looking for cribs, clothes, car seats, mattresses, toys or childproofing items, ReviewMaster’s comparison collects the most reputable online baby shops for an easier and smarter shopping journey for the most important thing in your life. Compare the top 10 baby sites and choose the best for your baby!

What are the benefits of shopping online for baby merchandise?

The idea of online shopping is increasingly developing with almost every brand and company making an impressive online appearance these days. So many products, including baby merchandise, are being sold over the internet with many benefits. Online shopping websites have become safer and more affordable, offer a wide variety of quality products and save time and money.

Convenience & accessibility
The most obvious advantage of shopping online is the website’s availability to consumers. Online stores are open 24/7. You also don’t have to worry about the parking and standing in line parts as you merely add products to your cart and enjoy free delivery services in most cases. Many websites offer free shipments to specific regions or alternative shipment options for considerable fees and the products are delivered right to your doorstep.

Product selection
Another great advantage of shopping online is the product variety that is available for consumers. The stock held in brick and mortar stores is limited so there are often not many product options to choose from. Online shops can offer products, brands, trends and international deals from retailers all around the world in abundance. You have a wide selection of sizes, colors, styles than you will ever find locally. If the item you selected is out of stock, some online shops will still accept your order once the item comes in.

A greater source of information
Baby shopping sites are a very resourceful place in searching for information, comparing between products and read reviews from people that have the same product. And this is extremely helpful in making informed decisions when purchasing products for your little one.

Great deals and offers
Online retailers operate in a highly competitive environment. They often make some serious offers and sales promotions to attract customers. Because each and every online brand aims towards building its own customer base they go out of their way to bring out their best deals and discounts forward, most notably during special days and holidays, or if you are a returning customer in their online store.

Baby sites come in abundance and it’s often hard to consider which one to start with. ReviewMaster’s website comparison helps you choose the best for your baby, whether you’re shopping for clothes, toys, food, strollers or furniture.

Your little one deserves the absolute best and safest items the baby market has to offer. To make the process extremely simple and easy going for you, we have compiled the most renowned baby websites based on user popularity and ratings, also taking quality, product variety and product safety into account.

Is online shopping safe in general?

Online shopping has become the most popular way to buy anything these days. More and more consumers turn to online shopping simply because it’s flexible, available, offers a wider selection of options and you can do your own research while browsing different websites.

And with that notion in mind, every brand and company (including brick and mortar stores) work hard to make an impressive appearance online, and safety is a crucial component in the making.

Reputable online shopping sites, baby shopping sites included, incorporate advanced security and encryption technologies to make sure your shopping process is safe from the moment you sign up to the moment you check out. Secured sites usually have a lock sign next to the URL and secured payment methods (credit/PayPal).

ReviewMaster’s baby site comparison lists only reputable and secure sites that carry everything under the sun for babies and toddlers. You’ll gain an easier head start when you search for quality and safe baby merchandise and be able to enjoy the finest products for your little one.

What should I know about baby/toddler product safety standards?

Safety is the forefront of every consumer’s mind, especially when purchasing products for babies and toddlers. In order to reassure the safety of products for babies and toddlers, safety regulations have been strongly enacted by authorities such as the U.S. government and the European standards organisation which require third-party testing, labelling and certification of children’s products.

For example, the US regulation, known as The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), covers safety regulations for restricted substances, flammability, mechanical properties, among other safety regulations. Compliance with this regulation is compulsory and is strictly enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

All reputable baby sites e-tailers are required to sell only merchandise that meets these federal standards for the various products they manufacture including cots, cribs, beds, toys, mattresses, cradels, clothing & sleepwear, accessories, and all other merchandise, which must be fully compliant.

You should always secure your peace of mind before using an online baby shopping site and look for the different guides and safety measures provided by the website before shopping for an item. There are different safety features and mandated requirements for cribs, for example, and why they are extra important to notice. The same standards go for baby furniture, mattresses, bedding, car seats, strollers, playards, toys, swings, monitors, safety gates and other childproofing items, so it’s important to take your time and choose the safest model for your baby.

When listing and comparing baby shopping sites, we made sure to include only trustworthy websites that follow and cover safety regulations on their site for the different products sold. In addition, we base our comparison on user ratings from experienced consumers to encourage informed and smarter shopping decisions on your behalf.

Browse through all online baby shopping sites, check for safety standards and choose the best site for the absolute best products for your baby and toddler.

What is the replacement/return policy on baby shopping sites?

Returns, replacements, and refunds differ from one shopping site to another, and so we highly advise you to go over their return, replacement and refund policies before concluding your order.

Generally, if the item doesn’t fit well, if the product is broken, or if it doesn’t fit the purpose of which you purchased it, you can ask to replace it, return it and receive a payment refund, again, depending on the shopping site you purchased from.

The likelihood of getting a product replacement or refunded depends on several factors:
  • The type of product you bought and its use
  • How you paid for the product
  • What the seller told you about the product
  • If you bought it from a private vendor or a business
When it comes to your consumer rights, you can always ask for a replacement or a refund under the Consumer Guarantee Act (CGA) for any product or service that you are not happy with.

If the product you have bought is defective, doesn’t match its description on the site, doesn’t fit, is late in shipment, never arrives or gets damaged in transit you should be able to get a repair, a replacement or a refund. Changing your mind about the product does not qualify you for either a replacement or a refund.

When it comes to your security as a shopper, always check the terms and conditions stated by the website. When it comes to baby and toddler products, you’d want to reassure the website guarantees replacements or refunds as fit by law as you never know what comes in need for your little one.

ReviewMaster’s comparison lists only renowned baby shopping sites, fairly large in manufacturing quality products for both babies and toddlers. Review all sites, compare as you see fit and shop smarter and safer.

What are my payment options for placing an order?

There are several safe, efficient and user-friendly payment methods used by online shopping sites. Credit cards and PayPal are usually the more dominant of paying online. However, there are alternate options that are slowly gaining popularity worldwide.

The most common and secured payment options are:

Credit card
Credit cards are usually the first option of paying online. They are secured against fraud, and you receive reports if any issues or suspicious activity occur, and it’s easier to refund your money. The big advantage of credit cards is that your money isn’t transferred directly from your bank account. Instead, the card issuer sends funds, and you pay up later.

PayPal is an eCommerce payment processing company owned by eBay. Many shoppers use PayPal as it provides an extra layer of safety. With PayPal, you don’t need to provide your credit or bank details because they are already located on your PayPal account. It is considered an extremely easy option to use, the website is user-friendly, and currency rules and fees are explained in detail.

Debit cards
Referred to as bank cards or check cards, debit cards allow you to pay directly from your bank account. It is an option which many consumers prefer, and that is why most online merchants accept debit cards.

Our comprehensive online shopping sites comparison is at your service. Use it to find the best shopping site fit for your needs and desired items.

Online shopping sites for babies and toddlers come in abundance and it’s often hard to consider which one to start with. ReviewMaster’s website comparison helps you choose the best for your baby, whether you’re shopping for clothes, toys, food, strollers or furniture.

Your little one deserves the absolute best and safest items the baby market has to offer. To make the process extremely simple and easy going for you, we have compiled the most renowned baby websites based on user popularity and ratings, also taking quality, product variety and product safety into account.

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