Getting Started with ReviewMaster

Hey, using ReviewMaster is no rocket science for sure. Welcome to our Getting Started Guide.
This guide will help you learn the basics of ReviewMaster and get started in writing and sharing your reviews and engage with ReviewMaster's community.

On here you'll learn how to:

  • Review websites and businesses
  • Find and read reviews of other users
  • Filter reviews by star ratings
  • How to set your reviewers profile

How do I write a review?

You visit websites, you shop online, you travel and when you want to share your feedback on a place, online shop or business, we are here to listen to what you have to say.

But first, you'll need to using your Facebook account.

This way, we know there's a real person behind your reviews, which meets ReviewMaster's values in creating a transparent and trusted community.

Tip! Reading reviews on ReviewMaster does not obligate you to sign in. Only if you wish to write and share reviews, then signing in is required.

How do I review a website or a business?

It's quite easy to review a website or a business on ReviewMaster, all you do is search.

  1. Your first step is to rate the website you chose:
    The ReviewMaster star rating goes as follows:
    1 star – Low
    2 stars – Poor
    3 stars – Fair
    4 stars – Good
    5 stars – Excellent
  2. Once you rate a site, it's time to add text and elaborate on your experience. Don't forget to add a title. Keep in mind that each review has a limit of 3000 characters.
  3. To write an informative review, you can add relevant details on the body of your review, such as product or service details, order or booking numbers, dates, shipping info, or anything else you think is important to include.
  4. Post your review.

Tip! We recommend going over our How to Write Quality Reviews guidelines and Content Guidelines before you craft your review.

My profile & Timeline

My profile

Your profile is the first page you see once you log in to ReviewMaster.

You can view your profile details, total Influencer Point score, reviews statistics, star distributions, compliments given and received, trophies earned, and your followers and who you are following.

How can I edit my profile settings?

As you log in to ReviewMaster via your Facebook account, your profile name is as displayed on Facebook.

In order to view your profile, edit your profile settings or log out, click on the profile drop-down menu located on the upper right side of the page. Click on Settings to view or edit your Title/Position, Location, and About Me details.

My timeline

Your timeline displays your recent activity and the activity of who you are following, whether it be reviews written, 'Thank' clicks, compliments given and received, levels up and trophies earned.

Why can't I see my timeline yet?

Your timeline will be displayed once there is any sufficient activity and engagement.

It's our goal to motivate reviewers to interact and engage with one another and learn from each other's experiences.

What is the 'Thank' vote?

Use the 'Thank' button to acknowledge someone for writing a helpful review.

The 'Thank' vote is an essential part of ReviewMaster's mission to encourage helpful reviews. By clicking the 'Thank' button, reviewers acknowledge the most useful reviews and help to determine thought leaders.

A review with many 'Thank' votes attracts attention and readership as it means others liked it and possibly benefited from it.

With more 'Thank' votes, your review will stand out.

What are Review Trophies?

Reviewer Trophies distinguish the reviewer’s overall accomplishments.

To each accomplishment there's a trophy.

Learn more about Reviewer Trophies and how to win them.

What are Influencer Points and how can I earn them?

Influencer Points are earned for each contribution you make on ReviewMaster, be it publishing reviews, sending compliments, using Reviewer Votes, and more.

We have prepared a special guide explaining all about Influencer Points. Head over to ReviewMaster Level Score & Influencer Points and find out how you can earn Influencer Points and level up.

Each activity and contribution you make on ReviewMaster grants you with Influencer Points, and so collecting them is challengingly fun.

Contributions & Influencer Points:

  • Rating a website - 10 Influencer Points
  • Rate + review (minimum 100 characters) – 25 Influencer Points
  • Rate + review (over 250 characters) – 100 Influencer Points
  • Compliment – 10 Influencer Points
  • Reviewer Vote (Helpful, Funny, Cool) – 1 Influencer Point

ReviewMaster is a firm believer in the power of influencers. Satisfied customers that share their great experiences with the world - Word of Mouth is a powerful tool.

Each and every one of our reviewers can have a strong influence on others. Each rating and review can help consumers make smarter purchasing decisions and businesses elevate their online reputation.

Influencer Levels & Trophies

It's time for you to climb up the Influencer ladder.

Influencer levels

With Reviewer Levels, you are being recognized for the quantity & quality of your reviews. The more reviews you post, the higher your level.

How do ReviewMaster levels work?

The table below explains exactly how many reviews are required to level-up.

Post 1000 full reviews and reach the highest level there is.

This means you are officially a Review Master.

Level Influencer Points
1 300
2 500
3 1,000
4 2,000
5 5,000
6 10,000
7 20,000
8 50,000
9 75,000
10 100,000

Your Influencer level appears right next to your profile name, big enough for everyone to see.

ReviewMaster Reviewer Trophies

Win trophies for your accomplishments.

ReviewMaster trophies recognize reviewers for contributing and making ReviewMaster a stronger, smarter and engaging community.

Click here for the full Trophy Guide >

ReviewMaster is a Source of Business Information

ReviewMaster serves its reviewer community as an unbiased source of information.

Each brand's public profile is equipped with the following information for our reviewers' convenience:

  • Company's website URL
  • Company bio
  • Introductory video
  • Office address and phone number
  • Business map location
  • Facebook page & additional social pages
  • Simple reviews statistics

All the information you seek on a specific business is available to you, saving you the hassle of looking it up on search engines.