Stay on Top of Google

Inform customers you’re a trustworthy business with a great reputation

What can Seller Ratings do for your business?

  • Increase business transparency on search engines
  • Increase site click-through-rates (CTR) by 17%
  • Improve the performance of your ad campaigns
  • Improves the quality of traffic to your site

Attract Quality Traffic Seller Ratings make it very simple to display your business ratings on Google. Current and potential customers can see your seller ratings exhibited right next to your AdWords displays when they search for your business online. Your Star Ratings can motivate more clicks, conversions and sales.
Give the right attention to your business Your business gets notices when ranked higher in search engines' listings. It draws a rather larger number of visitors that visit your site. Your very first interaction with potential customers will be through Organic search results. Use Seller Ratings to leverage your business.
Boost Conversions & Sales Google Seller Ratings are your most dedicated salesperson. They help to tempt in new customers by displaying how consumers rate your business. Reviews create a sense of trust and Seller Ratings act as a guide to how others see your business.
Google Shopping Ads Someone out there is searching for what you are selling. Google Product Listing Ads can promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your site and find potential leads. Utilize ReviewMaster's Google Seller Integration to give consumers a strong sense of what you're selling.

Gain the trust of your customers and increase sales

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