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ReviewMater’s Trophy System

Get Your Trophy We appreciate your contributions, the time and advice you share with others, and help keep the ReviewMaster community active and engaged.

Know this, your accomplishments never go unrewarded.

Our Trophy System came to life in order to determine which reviews are relevant to our readership in order to make the best decisions.

Are you a reviewer at heart? Zillions of users read your reviews? Have you received oodles of compliments for you being helpful, funny, or cool?

That's quite the accomplishment. Go ahead, claim your trophy!
How does the Trophy System work? ReviewMaster’s Trophy System is based on your real ratings and reviews in terms of satisfaction, popularity & frequency level.

How to receive them?

Make unique contributions, empower your reader community & help others make better decisions. There’s a trophy waiting for you!
Frequent Reviewer Publish 10 proper reviews over a 30 day period. Your review must exceed 250 characters and contain relevant details about your experience. Click here for review guidelines.
Most Complimented Your popularity is starting to show! Get 10 compliments on your reviewer profile from visitors or fellow reviewers. There’s no time limit for receiving compliments.
Frequent Visitor We want to see you more often! Visit ReviewMaster and login at least 15 different days over a 30 day period.
Reader's Choice You’re the town’s favorite. This trophy is awarded when your reviews reach 100 readers. This trophy does not have a time limit. Start collecting readers.
You're Helpful This trophy is awarded to you by the ReviewMaster community. When reviewers find your reviews particularly helpful, they give you the honor by pressing on the “Helpful” icon.
You're Funny Your reviews are not only helpful, but fun to read too. Your community voted you Funny. 50 Funny votes will grant you this trophy. There is no time limit for collecting Funny votes.
You're Cool You are too cool for school! Not only are you helpful and funny, you are also might awesome. The crowd has voted you Cool. 50 votes will grant you this trophy with no time limit.
Share your wisdom. There’s a trophy waiting for you!