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Lavinia Sacconi reviews

Not always good value for money considering that lately they're selling passable clothes compared to those of a few years ago. Floral or fantasy patterns are still nice,yet many are poorly cut- I wouldn't say it's high standard brand. Personally I like men's perfumes and Zara's smell really good and last quite long

Erez S. reviews

Zara is the first place I go to buy clothes. their style, vibe, and creativity is unique and like no others. Feels a lot closer to high-end clothing brands but still at affordable prices.

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Kristina Simoes reviews

Zara one of my favorite stores to shop.

Translated from Portuguese

Zara uma das minhas lojas favoritas para compras.

Gili Ben-Shlomo reviews

Zara has become one of my go to places to shop! It has something for every occasion, and their prices are relatively decent. They have a variety of fashionable items for every season and great quality basics.