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Brendan Eyles reviews
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Angela MacRae reviews

This is an awesome website to look up information on just about anything, I wish I had had this when I was in school instead of having to use the encyclopedia

Ana Espinosa reviews

Wikipedia is my number one goto site when i need to know ANYTHING It is a great page to look for information about anything both in english and spanish

Char R. reviews

When I cant remember to spell something or the meaning I secretly Google Wiki. Dont tell the other half.

Harleen Kaur reviews
Bereenger Kouakou reviews
Bereenger Kouakou gave Wikipedia a 4 star rating
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David Fosuhene reviews
Dwayne Kerr reviews
Khizer Hayat reviews

the good website it is, so informative and rich in material. I am using it to get knowledge from every field.

Kate Schenck reviews

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Wikipedia provides this. From simple to the most complicated answers one ponders it can generally be described by Wikipedia.

Litisha W. reviews

Love that I have information at the click of a button and that Wiki has an answer to info I am searching for. It's a great source of info!

Kim Sturdevant reviews

No matter what I need information on, no matter how obscure the research is, they always have the information I need to get what I am doing done. Even if it's an obscure actor from long ago, they have the biography I need along with filmographies, personal information and family ties

Hilda Teresa reviews

It is a very educational page. Wikipedia has been a very useful page for assignments, oral and written reports, and even to help you study for my son's exams. It is also very useful to find information about actors, singers, music, movies, novels, etc. I think it is the best and most reliable of all the pages that exist.

Rahimi Saad reviews
Rahimi Saad gave Wikipedia a 5 star rating
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Xmarty Haris reviews
Xmarty Haris gave Wikipedia a 5 star rating
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Oly Doroshev reviews