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Darel Smith Jr. reviews
Jaycen Judge reviews

Twitch is great. I use another similar site but Twitch when it comes to gaming based content is the best cause it has that general focus. what I also love is you can link and connect Discord with your streaming to twitch and allow viewers to interact with you vocally!

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Eyal Ohana reviews
Eyal Ohana gave Twitch a 5 star rating
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João Mota reviews
João Mota gave Twitch a 5 star rating
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Riley Racheall reviews

Twitch is fun to meet people , watch other people play games or just talk .. you learn new skill and stuff in games… also you can go live yourself and get some fans to watch you …

Kevin Lachance reviews
Kevin Lachance gave Twitch a 3 star rating
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James Simmons reviews
Samantha Buck reviews

Great site for streaming live video feed. Although when watching live video and trying to get into chat it takes a bit of maneuvering to get into chat

Jessica Renae Lizotte-Sullivan reviews

It is an ok streaming site. It is very hard to build a fanbase on it. It would be easier to stream on facebook and get more viewers. I do like the profile customization though. Most people follow the rules on there. It is something to watch as background noise.

Jeannie Jazziie Martinez reviews
Litisha W. reviews

when you think of tv you think of channels with your favorite shows and movies etc. This was far from it. It is more for gamers and more of a social site like youtube mixed with facebooks games etc.... Not my favorite cup of tea.

KezbanAhmet Kelleci reviews
KezbanAhmet Kelleci gave Twitch a 4 star rating
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Nitu Adrian reviews

This is the best thing i ever found on the internet , you can watch people , funny people playing games when you don't have anything better to do.