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Robert A. Tucknott reviews
Teresa Maultsby reviews
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Courtneyand Matt Smith reviews
Pam Schmude reviews
Kathy Werner reviews

They always serve super fresh and tasty subs. Love all the veggies and toppings I can request. They make to order that is why I prefer to go to subway.

Brian Beauchamp reviews
Tiffanie C. reviews
Jock Williams reviews
Kristina Viktorsson reviews
Richard Pickering reviews
László Pap reviews
Jaco Botha reviews

Good options, good portions, reasonably priced, fresh food. Food delivery can be a challenge due to packaging. Staff is always friendly and Subway chock chip cookies are the best.

Mark Fawcett reviews
Morelle Noire reviews

Subway doesn't have the best business practices nor is it known for treating employees very well. I also don't like them because they support sports figures who violate the law.

Sandra Kilcrease reviews
Rizmi Singha Laxana reviews
Andrew Khama reviews
Habib Qweder Abuamhed reviews
Lars Nielsen reviews
Lavinia Sacconi reviews

In my opinion,not amazing quality and price slightly high comparing the two. I would get there if there were no other places around to grab a bite and I were starvishing .

Amir Tarique reviews
Nicolae Oros reviews
Narrelle Dixon reviews
Jere Sponagle reviews