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Samsung Electronics's Mobile Apps

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Joe Jr Chavez gave Samsung Electronics a 5 star rating
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Victoria Lee Petersen'Julseth reviews

Samsung products as a whole are some of the best products, even when a mistake happens they act fast to try and fix it and don't stop till they find out what went wrong. I especially love their note products the S Pen that comes with them is just amazing all the things that it can

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Jennifer Fell reviews
Gerardo Piedra gave Samsung Electronics a 5 star rating
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DaNett Hall reviews
Kenneth Walker reviews
Jose Campos reviews
Rob Harris reviews
Terry Freeman reviews

Samsung is more innovative than it’s competitors, with no restrictions in what you can search allowing the user to explore the world .

Joseph Vazquez reviews
Alyona Kondratyeva reviews
Karen Hines gave Samsung Electronics a 5 star rating
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Illona Thompson gave Samsung Electronics a 5 star rating
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Jared Brodeur reviews

Best cell phone I have ever owned! I've had many different cell phones and Samsung is by far the best company for cell phones.

Pamela Christine Enright reviews

Samsung is by far the best cell phone out there on the market. They take the time to develop high quality products. I've had Samsung phones for over 5 years now and will never go back to another big company of cell phones again.

Karen Zajac reviews

I have always been a Samsung gal . I tried iPhone 2 times I hated it , they are over rated. So far Samsung has not let me down

Patricia McNamara Magliochetti reviews
Kathleen French reviews

I have three Samsung television's and they are great product they have perfect picture and color I would always by samsung

Dorit Rozen reviews

I purchased the Samsung s9+ a month ago and I have to say it's my favorite phone so far! It's packed with great features. The camera is definitely the eye-catcher of the phone. The quality of the pics looks like it's shot with a professional camera. Amazing for someone who's addicted to capturing many moments throughout the day.