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Jerry Carter Elswick reviews
Jerame Oates reviews
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Mike M. reviews

This place has come a long way. The local location has some times issues that still needs solving. Delivery is a hit and miss kind of thing. a little late is one thing but never showing up is unacceptable. The stuff that they make has improved a lot from days gone by. The pizza is pretty good.

Monica Rodriguez reviews

My grandson and I love Pizza Hut we love the cheese the topping and flavor are great good size pizza that every body can enjoy fast and hot pizza to delivery thank you Pizza Hut

Lori Taylor reviews
Leonardo De Pinto reviews

We have ordered 4 pizzas and they came earlier than they promised. Overall a great services! They offer a big variety of flavors and deals which are great if you are in company. We enjoyed very much their service and pizzas! Oh, and their Texas BBQ flavor is really recommended!

Stefan Luyindula II reviews

Very useful and practical to keep in touch with friends or family. Very little beug. I advise you to all messenger to communicate easily with people. You can even make calls and video calls which makes the application even more attractive

Translated from French

Que ce soit sur l'application ou sur le site, l'organisation est bien organisé. C'est très facile de commander et l'expédition est très rapide. J'utilise très souvent pizza hut lorsque je n'ai pas envie de cuisiné.

Wellen Victor reviews
Wellen Victor gave Pizza Hut a 5 star rating
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