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Litisha W. reviews

I always enjoyed using paypal although I no longer have it. It is a great and safe way to make payments to others or receive payments. The thing I didn't like about it was it was too easy for someone to create an account in my name without me knowing it.

Roxann Cooper Hennessy reviews

I only trust PayPal for my online purchases! If a site doesn't use Paypal, I go elsewhere! I feel most confident with purchases and money transfers using Paypal than any other method! I've only ever had an issue one time and customer service helped me out and got the issue solved right away! Love PayPal!

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Peter Szitarity reviews

PayPal is a fantastic way to pay for purchases overseas or even possible scam site as PayPal will look into any complaints and retrieve you funds if you are in the right. From personal experience I cannot fault them

Lori Taylor reviews

Pay Pal is definitely for the kids But really for everyone and the kids from my experience use this as quick way to get things

Kate Schenck reviews

PayPal is really #1 for paying and offers not only security but a peace of mind for the buyer. I have used this to pay virtually all my online purchases and haven't had any problems. For having a "peace of mind" I would highly recommend PayPal.

Kim Sturdevant reviews

The security is great, no matter how many times I use this service there has never been anything that got out to hackers, I use them all the time and there is never any trouble. They always pay promptly, keep my records safe and in order even if I don't check every month, the information is there when I need it

Raven Ice reviews

First and foremost with PayPal you have credit card security. You tap your details in and they guard the information private. You can not only pay for things via paypal but also send money. The also have a PayPal app so where ever you are you have access.

Joe Schweitzer reviews
Joe Schweitzer gave PayPal a 4 star rating
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