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Robyn Potter reviews

I think they are ok but if you lock yourself out of your account you have a hard time getting back in. They are very hard to reach if you do. I feel like they should only have u do a secerety question one time and thats it. Other than that they are ok.

Adriana Rivera reviews

It is the payment system via Internet more reliable and sure I've used so far. With just your email, you can send money and pay, no matter where in the world you are. No maintenance costs. It's excellent!

Translated from Spanish

Es el sistema de pago via Internet más fiable y seguro que he usado hasta ahora. Con tan sólo tu correo electrónico, puedes enviar dinero y pagar, no importa en qué lugar del mundo estés. No tiene gastos de mantenimiento. Es excelente!

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Talitha Leon Higley reviews

I like to use PayPal on my online shopping to protect my personal information and I have never had a problem with it and would Recommend it to other people

Boahin Josephine reviews
Mariana Carneiro reviews
Joey Anderson reviews
Manimal Watson reviews

Paypal is good for sending money to your friends. Receiving money has never been quicker.

Donna Russo reviews
Richard Garneau reviews

PayPal is an awesome app and very useful when not wanting to use your credit card for purchases. I have an account with PayPal and use it alot for purchases and recommend it .

Jamell Collier reviews

paypal is great site for people who don't want,have or need a bank account.i use paypal myself and i rather have a paypal then a bank anyways there is no monthly fees. paypal is great!!!!

Karen Rose reviews

Paypal is a great alternative to a merchant account, but wish their percentages were a bit lower.

Dee Swaim Holtmeyer reviews

Pay Pal is a interesting way to pay for things online. It is convenient and easy to use and set up.

Pamela Christine Enright reviews

PayPal is the only website I use to send money online to businesses and private people. I've been using PayPal since 1999 and have never questioned the safety or customer service thoroughness I receive when I called them. They're processing of money being sent to my account from PayPal has always been within the time frame stated.

Angela MacRae reviews

My paypal was recently breached and they helped me get my paypal closed to anyone trying that stuff on me again and wrote a letter for my bank to reverse the charges! I have to say they have excellent customer service

Barry Pj Davies reviews

Excellent service especially with help getting money back when there has been issues

Kay Bay reviews

I actually love PayPal. It's easy to use and I can use it pretty much anywhere when shopping online. It's safer than just adding my card info into each individual website I use and it's privacy settings are moderately acceptable. There could be a few tweaks here and there but for the most part it a good site.

Jannette Sheppard reviews

Great APP, very useful, very easy to use. The APP has earned its reputation by consistently delivering service as promised. The ease of use, the name recognition and the short time for the delivery of the money is great. I use it to send money, receive money, business purchases and receive payments.

Athena Fortenberry reviews

I love using PayPal. Its an easy way to send and receive money. Not to mention easy to transfer to your bank account.

Shayia Matthews reviews
Rafael Zelik reviews
Rafael Zelik gave PayPal a 4 star rating
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Tracy King reviews

I love PayPal! This is the easiest way to pay or receive payment if you’re a business person or an individual. None of your information except shipping address goes to the person/store you’re paying and none of your clients information is passed onto you. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

Melanie Shepherd reviews
Bonni Marie Lanctot reviews

Handy when you need it, too bad they get hacked so often people close their accounts! Who knows what will end up on your bill! Scary!!

Tamara Moreno reviews

I love easy and convenient to use..My go to for online shopping ..if safety is your concern, shop with paypal for ease and if ever there is a problem customer service makes it easy to get it fixed...AAAA++++

CarmenT. Cintron reviews

I love PayPal is easy to use there application with most of the people you purchase items