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Jho-Girlie Balan reviews
Jho-Girlie Balan gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Jennifer Short reviews
Jennifer Short gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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David Fosuhene reviews
Ankit Mohan reviews

Excellent content for the Indian audience of all age groups. Great user interface providea a seamless experience.

Liran Herzog reviews
Liran Herzog gave Netflix a 3 star rating
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Kiril Dubodel reviews
Kiril Dubodel gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Ivette Carlo reviews

It offers the opportunity to watch documentaries and movies all the time, but it is having the opportunity to see American films

Translated from Spanish

Ofrece la oportunidad de ver documentales y películas a toda hora, pero no se está teniendo la oportunidad de ver más películas Americanas

Wilfredo Reynoso Martinez gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Ashley Soliz reviews

So many shows give you great options for whatever you're in the mood for. Reason for the 4 stars is that i'm seeing more and more British and Japanese television on it, stuff I can't understand, so I can't watch. It being an American entertainment company I'd expect it to have more American shows and movies.

Elizabeth Barnes reviews

Netflix is a great service for a reasonable price it is the only thing we use as we don't want to pay for cable. There are shows for everybody.

Inge Lino reviews

Good price quality. Plenty of shows and movies for the whole family. I'm a bingewatcher so I wish Netflix would add new movies/series more often.

Valeria Beotti reviews
Ps Ganesan reviews
Gyongyi Reiter reviews
Gyongyi Reiter gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Shawna Nicole Walker reviews

Netflix gives me access to great movies at a reasonable price. They are available 24/7 from all of my electronic devices which is wonderful full me. Down time at work now is no longer just a bore. And I love that they have shows that you can only see through Netflix. Financially and conveniently you can't ask for bette

Sara Ward reviews

They don't have all the shows or movies that they once had and their price keeps going up and you get less every time.

Rebecca Hester reviews

Really like them. We watch a lot of movies on there and I like that they have a lot of things for my daughter to watch.

Yoly Puffer reviews
Nikki Dunlap reviews

Netflix has something for everyone. You can binge watch your favorite shows, find new shows to follow when you are bored and have nothing better to do and there are endless movies for “date night”. If you are like me and use Netflix 24/7 you won’t need cable!

Claudia Batrineanu reviews
Claudia Batrineanu gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Meggan Reddy reviews
Lizzy Sebers reviews
India Thomas reviews

Love netflix, spanish one is a little outdated with the shows but you get them in the end. Perfect for all the family and helps me learn spanish with spanish audio and english subs on most shows but not all. Great value for money. I watch netflix everyday with my children and partner we all love it

Yolanda Davis reviews

I love Netflix!! It is an excellent way to catch up on my shows. like the good witch, Izombie, Riverdale and more. I had no problems so far with Netflix.