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Otis DeWitt reviews

Amazing choices to choose from and user friendly platforms. Definetly a must have for todays technology

Cheryl Rene Bailey reviews
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Alkesh Sodha reviews

Its good..!! Enjoy the show & movies and the best part they are offering you 1st month free subscription..

Mohamed Shantally reviews
Tara Daubenspeck reviews

Good selection on movies and shows it needs to update the new shows with the new episodes sooner and be able to search older movies to watch. Let's say you wanted to watch a movie that had 3 parts but only 1 and 3 were on Netflix, that doesn't make sense. You need 2 also.

Jamie Beal reviews

A great selection of movies, the Netflix originals are always entertaining to watch. Definitely worth the price you pay.

Pratiik Ojha reviews
Thomas Nicole reviews

Netflix has great movies fir all ages and generations. You pick what you wanna watch and that is it! Real entertainment for real people.

Herminio Perez reviews
Herminio Perez gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Theresa White reviews

I enjoy Netflix it gives you the opportunity to catch up on a movies or a program gram that you haven’t seen.

Mary Lyn Zaleta reviews

The selection at Netflix has gone down considerably since I first joined. I am seriously considering switching to Hulu. They are so far behind that Netflix with so many different shows there in season 8 in the shows on TV at season 13! You cannot stand around the water cooler and have a discussion without having your show completely ruined for you!

Leyna M. reviews

Netflix is an excellent affordable streaming site with a huge variety of shows and movies for everyone to enjoy!

Jayjade Melissa reviews
Manoj Thati reviews

Very easy to use, many tv shows, lot of movies, never faced a buffering problem. It has more movies and tv shows when compair to other product like this. Most important thing is Cost efficient. Why I should not give it 5star.

Kimmi Curley reviews
Christina Holt reviews

the best thing about Netflix that you can watch any of your shows if you like to watch catch up on your Seasons or even watched series from the past. I think the only downfall to Netflix is that they take a long time to add seasons and it would be better if they were able to keep movies instead of rotating movies in and out.

Daniel Defaz reviews

Looking for series or movies with Netflix you can enjoy an unforgettable experience for a small price you have the best in movies and series

Shaun C Davis reviews
Elizabeth Carrion reviews
Maureen Pons reviews

My life was incomplete until my local cable company gave me Netflix. Binge watching great series and movies is my new guilty pleasure.

Nicky Monstar reviews

Netflix is an amazing place to catch all your entertainment wants! I especially love the DVD rental mailed right to my doorstep.

Ke Oftenlovemorethanever Harris reviews
Theresa Himes reviews
Blake Cabaniss reviews

Ohhh I love me some Netflix, all the shows it offers but had to low rate it because of the child in appropriately it shared or does share, I cannot condone my time and money into that!