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Emma Grant reviews
Ran-nie Cambangay reviews

The best movie app i ever had. Gives me notification when there are new movies uploaded in netflix. Also, there own produce movies are very nice such as To All the boys i’ve love before and the kissing booth.

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Marie-Michelle Legrand reviews
Angeline Colón reviews
Audrey Barnes reviews

I love Netflix you can take everywhere you have to go to. Long as you a phone and data you have great entertainment.

Sophie Sabbag reviews
Sophie Sabbag gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Nicu Tirnoveanu reviews
Nicu Tirnoveanu gave Netflix a 5 star rating
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Tyler Hurst-Nelson reviews

Netflix is amazing lots of great movies and shows constantly being updated ao we can watch different movies all the time

Jessica Melissa reviews
Golan Kendler reviews

Netflix is easy to use and has some great series and other shows and movies. Check out stranger things for example.

Jane Perry reviews

We watch a lot of Series on Netflix because you dont have to wait a week before the next episode comes along :)

Taylor Knobloch reviews
Peter Niemann reviews
Omar Saadoun reviews
Daniel Stan reviews
Matthew Lyddiard reviews
Razvan Paduraru reviews
Rebekkah Ward-Bidou reviews
Junie Baluyot reviews
Phil Watkin reviews
Marco Reyes reviews

I think it’s a very good thing to have so many options of shows and movies. I love that they always try to keep the newest shows on Netflix and up to date.

Muzaffar Malik reviews

Oh thats the life now a days, I know its not hard to get free movie apps now a days, but when it comes to quality and reliability it’s Netflix

Roger Vail reviews

It’s very good and it content is expanding for Canadians but we still don’t get all the content that American views do!

Jennifer Galleghan reviews