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Always had good experience with Motorola. Dependable product and if there are problems, Motorola will work to resolve them.

Emong Bautista reviews
Emong Bautista gave Motorola a 5 star rating
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Hollie Propernick reviews

Motorola is a great brand and personally i love it. I own a few products and love them . never have had any problems ..i would recommend to others ... Would live to see some other or new products from them .

William D McDaniel reviews

Yes, Motorola has been around for years and from my understanding is a parent company or silent partner and still have quality items. Motorola was my 1st experience with CB radios when I was growing up and as I became older they stayed true to their products.

Joe Markey reviews

Have never been a huge fan of Motorola. They were a must have in the 90s only due to limited alternatves. However i feel that the company has done very little to fit into what consumers want today.

Samuel J Alvarado S reviews

I can say frankly that Motorola is a brand that meets the expectations of every customer, I can give faith that the cell phones and radio transmitters are high technology, and are also products of long durability.

Nicu Daniel reviews
Nicu Daniel gave Motorola a 4 star rating
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