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Microsoft's Mobile Apps

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Walker Craig reviews

Microsoft is well organized website and all of there electronics are built the best and last a long time As long as u take care of them the way they should..there website is very easy to get around and easy to switch to Xbox to view your profile.I can’t wait to see what’s next to come in the future!

Taj Saif reviews
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Taj Saif reviews
Taj Saif gave Microsoft a 3 star rating
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James Whitworth reviews
Ryan Sadler reviews

Every software i have used by Microsoft has been easy to use and does the job it was made to do well, with Office365, it has allowed my business to all be connected at once even out of the office by using Microsoft One Drive and SharePoint. Very good company 10/10

Jaime Townshend reviews

Microsoft have always been the top names in computering and software. They have an almost unbeatable operating system with Windows that they continue to develop and update. The offer very good quality hardware and networking solutions. Top, reliable computering!

Anand Thangaraj reviews

Good trade name and all computer using person in this world is aware of this name. Still need improvement since latest updates of software are not aware.

Danny Olvera reviews

Microsoft has the best everything. Apps., programming, assistance, tech support assistance. I have used Microsoft for years and they never faild me.

Denise M Wright reviews

Microsoft has great software programs and they continue to grow from year to year. They programs are user-friendly and I really enjoy using and learning the programs.

Laura Russell reviews
Marie-Michelle Legrand reviews
John Mercer reviews
Muzaffar Malik reviews
Jay Brancamp reviews
Tiago Pereira Lima reviews
Tiago Pereira Lima gave Microsoft a 5 star rating
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Maurice Meridith reviews
Linzi Marie Nigro reviews
Juana Ines Navarrete Martinez gave Microsoft a 5 star rating
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Robert MacFarlane reviews
Robert MacFarlane gave Microsoft a 4 star rating
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Toby Long reviews
Adam R Stewart reviews

I have used Microsoft since I was a young child. I’ve watched it form from the original windows up into what it has become today. I love Xbox and I still love windows. My favorite OS was windows 98. Still by far the easiest to navigate as well as code.

Catrin Renee French reviews

I think it is up to you to decide weather you like it or not but personally I find it annoying that it constantly ask for my password. I know it's for security but come on I know it's me on the site not a hacker.

Helen Thorne reviews
Alice Morrill reviews
Annette Roy reviews