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Lisa H. reviews
Michael Malin gave Facebook Messenger a 5 star rating
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Mireya Liberona Arriagada gave Facebook Messenger a 5 star rating
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Parfait C. reviews
Parfait C. gave Facebook Messenger a 5 star rating
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Marilou Bernal Alfinda reviews

Ive been using this app for almost 5 years and it is been part of my everyday life to connect with my family especially with my father who have been staying for good in us. It is my deepest gratitude to the maker of this app.

Stefan Luyindula II reviews

Very useful and convenient to keep in touch with friends or family. Very few beug. I advise you all messenger to communicate easily with personnes.On can even make calls and video calls which makes it even more attractive Application

Translated from French

Très utile et pratique afin de rester en contact avec des amis ou la famille. Très peu de beug. Je vous conseille à tous messenger afin de communiquer facilement avec des personnes.On peut même y passer des appels et appels vidéos ce qui rend l'application encore plus attractive