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Bio Green reviews
Dan Bergin reviews

Love the store and the many different selection of items to choose from . Sales floor is large and alot to look at. Friendly staff and helpful . But when u buy your item assembly sucks. Not good direction so have an idea about how it's put together or good luck.

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Jean Dowe reviews
Jeff Walker reviews
Viviana Zanatta reviews

I love Ikea, I think the customer service its not the best but the overall products and cost are good and its very up to date with the design on trends, I found easy to mantle the products. So yes I will definitely recommend it

Guðbjörg Ragnarsdóttir reviews
Valeria Gomes reviews
Deco Rodrigues reviews

Good price , nice design and good quality. They havê good range of differets levels of products. I do recomenda.

Enrique Osvaldo Rossini reviews

Excelente tienda de compra,cuando viajo,no dejos de visitarlos y siempre compro algo,muchas gracias,Enrique de ARGENTINA!!!!!!

Tjeerd Siersma - van der Zant reviews
Smaya Christina reviews
Jerry Mcgee reviews

I like the amount of product choices, if you enjoy assembling flat packs this is the place to shop. The quality is very good and robust, when you finish assembling the products they really look good and solid. They cover every room in the house too

ตาล บุตรครุฑ reviews
China Conner reviews
Nnabest John reviews

They are doing well in business, if you have not partner with them, give them a try today and see their services are normal. they are equally reliable.

Roennow Rank Jensen reviews
Rachael Marie Dhaenens reviews

Excellent combination of price and quality, instructions are very clear, fast delivery, country names of goods only

Rebecca Brewer reviews

The website is easy to navigate and really convenient .I do most of my shopping online so this is really a great way to get really high quality beautiful furniture and storage .I love IKEA and the website is great i give it 5 stars without a doubt.

Suzanne Lord reviews
Mohammad Faizul reviews

Ikea have wide range of items eg. Sofas, beds, kitchen tables, and others more, their prices are really affordable

Raja Koushik reviews

IKEA has been my goto brand for any of my furniture and household requirements. The products are of fantastic quality and last really long. The fitting and assembly instructions are easy to follow requiring minimal tools, with most essential tools already provided with the packaging. Highly recommend IKEA!

Joyce Pamela Westrip reviews
Michelle Mason reviews

It's a good brand if put together the correct way the first time but can't move the items and after they are moved they just don't work right

Karen Luerssen reviews

Just went to IKEA to find a chair for my living room. They have a wonderful selection of chairs and rocking chairs. The quality is excellent and they are fairly easy to assemble, though best with 2 people assembling.