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Sabrina Parsons reviews
Prabhakar Shettywarangale gave Hulu a 3 star rating
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Guss Ripply reviews
Charles Senecal reviews

Awsome!!!! Hulu keeps everything I need if I miss a show or re watch a movie.

Charles Avery reviews

CUT THE CORD! Now with the ability to stream live TV it makes hulu even better than before.

Cassidy Ritenour reviews

Hulu is fantastic. Netflix is usually my go-to for online shows and movies. Hulu is a great alternative. Usually when there's a show you can't find on Netflix, Hulu will definitely have it. And they keep seasons for quite a while. They have a lot of shows that are only found there!

Jennifer Terrell reviews

This is a great alternative to Netflix. We actually use both so we don’t miss out on our weekly shows during prime season! It’s low cost and easy. You can access at home or on your smart phone.

Nichole Freese reviews

Very limited on what is actually available to watch. A little on the expensive side of things.

Cheryl Kristek reviews
Cheryl Kristek gave Hulu a 5 star rating
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Shawna Nicole Walker reviews

i am a big hulu fan my favorite show on here is the handmaids tale once i seen the trailer for that i knew i had to have hulu they have a bunch of add on TV company's like HBO and STARZ that are great if u want more in your package i have the HBO package and its great. i do think they should be a little cheaper but overall i loved HULU

Kathie Coates reviews

I didn't find a lot that I was interested in on Hulu. For my grandkids it was great, had a good variety of things that they were interested in.

Sara Ward reviews

You get a lot more with Hulu for a cheaper price they have really step up there game they are now talking out!!!

Stella Pitts reviews
Carrie Jabs reviews

The prices are crazy high. They add tv shows the next day the air which is good but u can only watch on ove tv in your house. They charge almost $45 per month just so you can watch on multiple tvs. This may be a good idea if you dont have kids that want to watch differnt shows at the same time. The basic pkg can only stream 1 tv at a time.

Heather Pelton reviews

Hulu is great. I work night shift and often can't keep up with my normal shows . I love that the day after I can watch my missed shows and not have to worry about remembering to set the DVR to record them or having them set to record and it not working.

Jami Overfield reviews

I love the original programming! It’s nice that I can turn on Hulu and always find something great to watch.

Mimi Powers reviews

There's a good variety of tv shows to bingewatch. There's something for everyone.

Litisha W. reviews

It's a great way to watch programs without paying the big cable companies for a bunch of stations you won't watch.

Stephania Cruz reviews

Easy to use, great shows, wish there were less ads, but with a free account I'm willing to wait them out.

Christina Ashworth reviews