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Eric N. reviews

Excellent job guys, You are awesome!. Google change how the search engine works to a much perfect mode, Has many tools to work with, I love the organic side.

Bodyman Barber reviews

Great app.. Second time installing this app. Great fun but wish instructions were w it... fun fun fun for hubby!

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Collins Aseka K reviews
Collins Aseka K gave Google a 5 star rating
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Carlos Alexandre Rocha reviews

Very good programming, always with news and new qualities series of films.

Translated from Portuguese

Muito bom a programação,sempre com novidades e series novas filmes de qualidades .

Eileen Collazo reviews
Kvng Abia reviews
George Mpunga reviews
George Mpunga gave Google a 5 star rating
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Ant Piazza reviews

Well imagine they's day's with out Google. I mean every one uses it. For instance if you don't know something what's the first thing a person does they google it. It's hard to imagine living with out google if you ask me. I thing it's a well rounded search engine that people can't live with out.

Hany Adam reviews
Hany Adam gave Google a 5 star rating
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Beverly Cating reviews
Ana Isabel Guzman reviews

I love Google... You can anything with Google... From sales to give away, Employment, cars for sales.. ETC. Google is the place to go for anything....

Laura Russell reviews
Heather Pesticcio reviews
Allan Brake reviews
Allan Brake gave Google a 5 star rating
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Amy Garrison-Perkins reviews

It is the most popular site and the most famous in the world


C'est la site le plus populaire et le plus connus dans le monde entier

Muzaffar Malik reviews
Syed Ameen Shahul Hameed reviews
Beatrice Maiorano reviews
Jennifer Galleghan reviews

Google is my key for knowledge. Absolutely anything and everything I'm curious about,I'll find out, there is so much useful tools.

Barbara Selin reviews
Barbara Selin gave Google a 1 star rating
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Michael Verdecia reviews
Ariana Malone reviews
Krista Bogenschutz reviews

My main search engine. I trust the content and results found here. I also use Google for my main email account.

Jamie Beal reviews

Great search engine, sometimes it seems you can confuse it though. You have to word some of your searches just right to find what your looking for.