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Jason Britt Sr. gave Goldin Auctions a 5 star rating
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Dominic M Messina reviews

After making a $150 Bid and winning my total bill after Premium Charge, Taxes, Insurance, Delivey $225.76 . So I paid 1/2 of the bid price after the fact. Think Twice before bidding here!

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Chris Alley reviews

Do not do business with this company. They will quick sell your item to make them money while getting you the lowest price. I sold a Jordan poster signed in 1983. They told me the poster would sell for $10 to $13K. They put negative comments on the poster without my permission and the poster sold for $1600. They are a scam company.

Fred Sullivan reviews
Tonda Lynne reviews
Tonda Lynne gave Goldin Auctions a 1 star rating
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Gary H Camp reviews
Gary H Camp gave Goldin Auctions a 4 star rating
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