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Vera Santos Felix reviews

I am really in love with my dji Mavic Pro, it is not the newest but still a really good drone! Love it

Carlos Figueroa reviews

Great products, Good customers & quick response times.... Never mind that they're years above the competition. I, myself own 6 different aircrafts. I don't see myself switching to a different company anytime soon..

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Andrew Nguyen reviews

Dji Spark is a great beginner drone. Not like the other drones but with gps functionality it is able to hover still and doesn’t get lost when losing disconnection.

David Gibbons reviews
David Gibbons gave DJI a 4 star rating
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William Medina reviews

Bought my first drone, a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, all I can say is WOW!!!. It was not my first drone, but it's my only drone I will fly. It is one of the easiest drone to fly. My comfort level flying it is off the charts. Great product, my have and experience if you're looking for a drone.

Jonas Becas reviews

Dji drones are reeaaally the best for most purposes. With the exception of a few brands and models designed for specialized niches dji is the one brand to go to

Franck Sitbon reviews
Franck Sitbon gave DJI a 5 star rating
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Maiko Lizares reviews
Maiko Lizares gave DJI a 5 star rating
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Andrew Mackie reviews
Matthew Joseph reviews
Matthew Joseph gave DJI a 5 star rating
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Juan Paolo Luciano reviews
Juan Paolo Luciano gave DJI a 4 star rating
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