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Rafael Zelik reviews
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Never had a single bad experience with them. Chase Manhattan is a trusted name for good reason.

Nicholaus Germany reviews

My car note is thru chase and I’ve never had any issues getting my payment delayed or pushed back.. I appreciate the staff there and I look forward to using them soon when I trade my car

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Danny Olvera reviews
Laura Russell reviews
James Esqueda reviews

This a wonderful bank. The employees are always friendly and very helpful. I have not had any real problems with them.

George Lopez reviews
George Lopez gave Chase a 5 star rating
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Christina Mckelvey-Trimble reviews
Darius Tq Colquitt reviews

As a long time customer, I can say that Chase is sometimes good in an immediate pinch... But their practices will inconvenience your life.

Edgar Cazares reviews

Chase needs improvement on the tells lines over all the product they promote are ok they have friendly associates to help you out.

Casey Paulino reviews

I'm a big fan of this bank every time I go into my branch everyone is pleasant and helpful. My son had an issue with the ATM eating his money and the process during the investigation was very pleasant


I'm a big fan of this bank every time I go into my branch everyone is pleasant and helpful. My son had an issue with the ATM eating his money and the process during the investigation was very pleasant

Megan Godwin reviews

if you dont have an account and are cashing a check from someone who does bank there, they charge you $8! How stupid!

Jasmine Harris reviews

I like using the chase bank website. It's easy to use and I love the features it has like credit score updates and the stock market. I just wish they had physical locations in my area.

Char R. reviews
Kari Bestrom reviews

Chase bank. Customer service not good at all. Not willing to help you save your house. No advice whats so ever.

Reha Ch reviews

when I work with chase i am happy with service team welcome behavior. I did not get any trouble or problem with my accounts and sevices. Offer good coupons abd promotions.Treat me like a special. good thing is branch opening and closing hours are good

Sandy Miller reviews

I have been with Chase for a long time and love the service. They are always there to help you, go over your account and help you with any issues you may have.

Janet Verycken reviews

I have been banking with Chase for over two years. I am very satisfied with their services. They alert me if there are any suspicious activity on my account. Which has happened. They are great with customer service.

Kim Sturdevant reviews

I had problems with one of their credit cards, I called for tech support and got the run around. After being on hold for over twenty minutes, I was told there was nothing wrong with my card and I should be able to access everything, I could not and ended up cancelling my card

Debbie Lynn Cromwell reviews
Franci Crosby reviews

I use Chase for Amazon account, someone uses my card for some other website. Chase quickly contacted me, cancel my card and had another card in the mail that very day. Thanks, Chase!

Joe Schweitzer reviews

The best thing sense slice bread .... But had to be the great thing ever. Costumer service is top notch and would tell anyone I know to go with Chase.