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Adam Kuras reviews
Renelyn Gimenez reviews

helped a lot during the pandemic. easy to use and access online from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. a lot of information on topics for your future and investment. gives you a lot of access to what is important to you and family. fast and easy to use instead of waiting hours on the phone.

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The Government of Canada conducted an independent review of Canada Post to ensure Canadians receive quality postal services at a reasonable price. Canadians from coast to coast to coast had a say in the services they value and need.

Zoran Jokic reviews

The Trudeau government has improved the Canadian rating worldwide. Canada once more is an important key player in the world's politics and I think economically Canada could improve a lot. Overal they show their care for Canadians.

Wayne Burke reviews
Wayne Burke gave Government of Canada a 5 star rating
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Slawomir Banach gave Government of Canada a 5 star rating
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