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Chante Heath reviews
Demi Danielle reviews
Demi Danielle gave BuzzFeed a 5 star rating
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Laura Russell reviews
Kat Hanni-Rex Kelly reviews

I freaking love these guys. Fun, informational articles that arent just regurgitated news or the latest trends over and over. :)

Monica Garcia reviews
Kaman Hobbs reviews
Joi Behrend reviews

Buzzffeed has been less of a go-to site for me lately. The content is very repetitive, especially the lists. I’ll see the same Twitter posts and mentions on daily lists, like they’re recycling garbage. It feels like they’re no longer trying? Or they’re trying too hard to make new posts out of old stuff.

Kevin Frantz reviews
Kevin Frantz gave BuzzFeed a 5 star rating
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Darius Tq Colquitt reviews
Yolanda Leannais reviews
Yolanda Leannais gave BuzzFeed a 5 star rating
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Dona Dill reviews
Michelle Giesen reviews
Santos Alexandra Annette Jacqueline gave BuzzFeed a 5 star rating
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Mindy Mooney reviews
Mindy Mooney gave BuzzFeed a 5 star rating
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Char R. reviews
Stephanie Mamaofthree reviews
Charmaine Carothers reviews
Charmaine Carothers gave BuzzFeed a 1 star rating
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Stacy Magoogoo Kellough gave BuzzFeed a 4 star rating
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Lori Sword reviews

Not a fan of BuzzFeed and their social justice warrior mentality. Too much of a left leaning slant which is not real journalism. Gotta stay neutral.

Litisha W. reviews

With all the quizzes, videos, celeb news, Tasty food videos, recipes, and DIY ideas how in the world can you not like it!! I love to laugh at the quizzes. I like to check out the recipes and dream of doing some of the DIY ideas. I am not much into the celebrity news stuff but that's ok because others are.