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Cian White reviews

Overall good business, falling short on its environmental and employee impact. Especially with it’s fulfillment centers. Over all great service limited capacity in IE however GB and US have had great growth for the past few years

Tina Chalmers reviews
Tina Chalmers gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Nathalie Vraagom reviews
Ali Babs Jenco reviews
Ali Babs Jenco gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Sukhvinder Singh Bhatt gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Robin Heynen reviews
Robin Heynen gave Amazon a 3 star rating
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David Salvadó Sanahuja gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Sofia Vasconez reviews
Sofia Vasconez gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Harvey Summers reviews
Harvey Summers gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Thelma Watson reviews
Thelma Watson gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Minnie Mohammed reviews
Carl Warwick reviews

Amazon!!! If you want to find what you’re looking for at a great price, have it delivered promptly at your convenience, you’ll never be disappointed with this service. Amazing value and good service

Jimmy Herrera reviews
Jimmy Herrera gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Maria J Seoane reviews
Maria J Seoane gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Sam Kazak reviews
Ashley Mcconkie reviews
Linda Barr reviews
Linda Barr gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Norma Van-rensburg reviews
Norma Van-rensburg gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Tauseef Raja reviews
Eiler Figueredo Bustamante reviews

Amazon has became as one of the biggest company. And each time surprises us with new services and options to make our lives easier.

Duda Dias gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Lee Streeton reviews
Lee Streeton gave Amazon a 4 star rating
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Christopher Kyles reviews
Tommy Linde reviews

must say it’s one of the better companies always deliver whatever u want, good customer service and if u don’t like a product quick return no hassle i recommend

Sully O'Sullivan reviews