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Marc Reid reviews
Marc Reid gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Jamie Lishman reviews
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Yogesh Upadhyaya reviews
Brittany Reed reviews
Ronna Villarosa Feliciano reviews

Lots of products and merchandise to choose from but customer service is lacking.. Most customer service replies in email seemed automation by a machine and repetitive..One will feel frustrated dealing with them..

Eugen Seelinger reviews

I absolutely love Amazon!! You could sit for hours and still not see everything! Plus they always have what I'm looking for. Super service

Deana Look reviews
Deana Look gave Amazon a 4 star rating
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Ian Moulson reviews

Amazon has become a byword for shopping online. It’s easy, everything is in one place and easy to find. Delivery is quick and convenient, if you’re not in no problem they’ll deliver to one of their parcel lockers securely at a place near your work or where ever you maybe

Rui Coelho Da Silva reviews

Great Place to buy! I find everything here with great prices. Home deliveries work quickly and honestly and whenever it was necessary to exchange a product everything happened in a natural way.

Jeane Fernandes Duval reviews

Amazon is , as always, one of the best platforms to buy with security. It’s fast, trustful , and we can be sure to have our product delivered in the best conditions.

Glen James-Allen reviews
Kirstin Ruth Jones reviews
Kirstin Ruth Jones gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Rainy Minhas reviews
Rainy Minhas gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Amy Ziggy reviews
Amy Ziggy gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Vincent Liu reviews
Julio C. Santeliz reviews
Julio C. Santeliz gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Valeria Gomes reviews
Judy Chambers reviews
Judy Chambers gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Bob Davis reviews
Bob Davis gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Andreas Karner reviews
Andreas Karner gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Diane Thorn Macklin reviews

Love the opportunity to receive items in 1-2 days with prime. Great selections of every items and you can shop prices as well all on the site.

Charles Santos reviews
Charles Santos gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Paul Garrow reviews
Paul Garrow gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Andrew Lysandrou reviews
Andrew Lysandrou gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Neena Ramloll reviews
Neena Ramloll gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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