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Tammy N CJ Lents reviews

Amazon is awesome! I have ordered many things from here. It is not only easy but you find great things you want or need. A plus is customer service is always friendly and that’s only when you actually need to call

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Liliana Luna reviews
Liliana Luna gave Amazon a 2 star rating
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Maxwell Tobias reviews
Dawn Elliott reviews

I absolutely LOVE Amazon. Anything and Everything you may want at the tip of your fingers. Great customer service and great delivery times.

Vic Teamdiaz Vondoom reviews
Vic Teamdiaz Vondoom gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Caleb Saxe reviews

Amazon is a one-stop-shop for everything you need! They are also always adding new features that make it easy to shop and save time!

Amy Payton reviews

I absolutely love Amazon! I live in a rural area where the closest big store or grocery store is over an hour away. Amazon's two-day shipping has saved me many times! I love that I can order ANYTHING & EVERYTHING from Amazon.

Leo Tafoya reviews

Great you always find what you need and very convenient. Everything you order comes on time. If you don't like the product simply get your money back no questions asked..

Justin Favorite reviews
Karen Depierre reviews

I have shopped Amazon for years and find it to be user friendly, great customer service and am able to find things that you can not find else where. Highly recommend

Sam Kawaakoa reviews
Sam Kawaakoa gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Angie Petrone reviews

I love Amazon. com. The site is easy to navigate. They have almost everything you could need or want. Prices are fair and sometimes even lower than most. Customer service is great.

Delgado Luis reviews
Delgado Luis gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Christopher Mcelroy reviews
Christopher Mcelroy gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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My personal experience has been hot and cold. I have a love hate relationship with amazon and their practices. Overall though, its the easiest place to shop

Jewel Gottschlog reviews
Jewel Gottschlog gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Jay Bittner reviews
Alexys Allbright reviews
Hema Fitzpatrick reviews
Susan Maria Buckley reviews
Joe Hipski reviews

Amazon is a great online shopping site. If you can’t find it there, it probably doesn’t exist! And if you need to return anything, the process is virtually painless. There is lots of selection even for individual products, so pricing is competitive. Delivery is usually faster than the stated, which makes it all the better! Highly recommended

Chelsea Lynn Latouche reviews
Chelsea Lynn Latouche gave Amazon a 5 star rating
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Marcia Patricia reviews

I love amazon, it’s easy to search for anything and have a bundge of options to choose. It has the fast checkout and costumer service is very helpfull!