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Inge Lino reviews

Great site to buy some things dirt cheap. Just do remember the saying "you pay cheap you get cheap". The quality is often less. But you can buy some really cheap children's toys tho. AliExpress their interface is a bit messy...I prefer wish.

Sousa Deb reviews

exelente site for online shopping everything you can imagine! the problem is that the offer is such that it is difficult to choose, you may end up buying things you do not need, or not remembered you needed a website is easy to navigate and with guarantees

Translated from Portuguese

exelente site para compras online de tudo que conseguir imaginar! o problema é que a oferta é tanta que fica dificil escolher , talvez acabe comprando coisas que nem precisa, ou que nem se lembrava que precisava, é um site de fácil navegação e com garantias

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Hafdis Una Juliusdottir Kjærvik reviews

By far the most best and fun place to buy from. I can easely forget time just looking around.

Vika Zelik reviews

Aliexpress is my favorite place to shop online. I am in love with the interface and users' comments you can find on the site, which are extremely helpful. The variety of products you can find there is enormously huge, and prices - very affordable. I am keeping buying there and definitely recommend it.