Your ReviewMaster Dashboard

Control, Monitor & Evaluate

ReviewMaster's admin dashboard for brands Get an at-a-glance overview of what’s happening with your reviews and performance on ReviewMaster. Use this information to figure out your next move in with your customers.
You can:
  • Send review invitations
  • Analyze the sources of your reviews
  • View review stars distribution
  • Edit your company's profile page
  • View reviews received per day / 30 days

Know your customers & how they perceive of your brand, service, and products.

Send review invitations The quickest way to garner more reviews from your customers is to send them invitations. More likely, they will be more eager to give away feedback right after they purchase. Strike while the iron's hot and invite your customers to leave reviews.
Get a complete performance overview Know your customers better and increase conversions and sales. Evaluate their reviews activity and opinions on ReviewMaster. Monitor the number of incoming reviews per day/lifetime and analyze reviews location, device, gender, age range and stars distribution, etc.
Keep your customers coming back Customer retention is key when it comes to your brand’s longevity. Use the ReviewMaster dashboard to utilize data into elevating customer loyalty & trust. Follow-up on your customers after they make a purchase, encourage comments and user interaction and stay alerted on negative feedbacks to correct the situation.