ReviewMaster Level Score &
Influencer Points

ReviewMaster Influencer Points recognize you for your reviews and contributions. Get accomplished for helping ReviewMaster to cultivate a stronger and smarter community.

Your Influencer Points automatically level you up. Your current level appears right next to your profile details for everyone to see.

The more Influencer Points you accumulate, the higher your level.

Have you written your first review yet? Start earning points!

Step 1: Rate a Website

Earn your first Influencer Points by rating the website of your choice.

Rating a website grants you with 10 Influencer Points.

Step 2: Rate + Review a Website

We always encourage our reviewer community to add in important information and details to their reviews in order to help readers make unbiased informed decisions.

Rate + review of minimum 100 characters = 25 Influencer Points Rate + review over 250 characters = 100 Influencer Points

Short review

Long review

Review moderation process

Every review written and submitted is automatically pending approval by the ReviewMaster team.

A well written and informative long review (250+ characters) that contains relevant details will be published. A short review (minimum 100 characters) that is informative and contains relevant details will be published.

A review that consists of profane language, words of hatred and vengeance, promotions and advertisements, unlawful information, or otherwise content that violates our user guidelines will be immediately rejected and removed.

Please read our Content Policy & Guidelines carefully.

Step 4: 'Thank' vote

Use the 'Thank' vote to applaud a reviewer for their helpful review.

The 'Thank' vote is located on the bottom left side of each review, and clicking it earns you 1 Influencer Point.

If you find a review helpful, say 'thank you'. Reviewers would always appreciate an encouragement to contribute more useful and benefiting reviews.

Clicking one of those grants you with 1 Influencer Point.

If you like a user's review and think it's worth that voting click, then click it. These votes also help encourage users in writing more useful reviews.

Reviewers, Become Influencers.

ReviewMaster is a firm believer in the power of influencers.

If you have a strong follower base, other users love reading your reviews, you have managed to accumulate a great number of 'Thank' clicks, then you are on your way on becoming an influencer.

Influencer levels - How Do They Work?

The table below explains exactly how many Influencer Points are required to level up.

Level Influencer Points
1 300
2 500
3 1,000
4 2,000
5 5,000
6 10,000
7 20,000
8 50,000
9 75,000
10 100,000

The more reviews you write, the higher your reviewer level gets. You can also use 'Thank' clicks to increase your total point score.

For example:
Rating and writing 3 different reviews, exceeding 250 characters, already grants you with 300 Influencer Points. As you can see, reaching Level 1 Influencer is very easy.

Where can I see my level?

Your Influencer Level is located right next to your reviewer profile details.

Collecting Influencer Points and leveling up enhances your status as a ReviewMaster reviewer and contributor.

You are being recognized for every action you do, may it be writing and submitting a short or full review and Thanking.

Are you ready to start earning more Influencer Points?