How to Increase Conversions & Sales

Great reviews turn sign-ups into purchases

What is it about reviews that turn visitors into customers?

  • Drive more volume to your website
  • Increase customer loyalty and trustworthiness
  • Help potential customers make better decisions
  • Removes any doubts/objections other customers may have
User-generated reviews affect conversions Reviews are a form of social proof of your business, products & service. Both quantity and quality matter. Your customers know how important reviews are for your brand. Encourage them to write more, place the best ones on your site and leverage conversions.
Reviews convert better on as well as off your site Support the power of customer reviews. Claim the Trust Seal & implement reviews on your site, as well as sharing them on your social media channels. User generated reviews produce an average of %18 uplift in sales, especially when generated on third-party platforms:
Attract visitors from search engines Stay visible on search results, hit the first page on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Stay ahead of the SEO game, focus on producing quality content that markets itself, and connect with influencers/ powerful reviewers. The higher you rank the more appealing your brand is to passerby.
Find your best users Interact with them, ask them nicely, inspire their power to influence others, catch them post purchase and send follow-up emails, without nagging, of course.
Salvage negative feedback Negative reviews are sometimes good. Customers sharing bad feedback release information valuable for your brand. They basically tell you what you are doing wrong. Here’s an opportunity to improve. Listen to your customers, respond to them and make them impassioned and happy.