Google Seller Ratings

Shoot for the stars

Google Seller Ratings torpedo traffic and sales. They help to tempt in new customers, boosting your brand’s credibility, increasing click-thru-rates and ultimately, sales.

What are Google Seller Ratings? Google Seller Ratings is an automated extension that showcases the ratings and text ads of an advertiser on both organic and paid search results.

When seller ratings are displayed, they allow visitors find the best rated and reviewed businesses and thus have a better apprehension of their quality.

Think of these ratings as a reflection of how customers rate your business.
How do they work? Google aggregates your business ratings from a variety of sources, including third-party review sites like ReviewMaster.

Take note that:
1. The extension is completely FREE.
2. You only pay when someone clicks on the headline of your ad. Clicks on the review links are free.
3. Google never modifies your reviews.
4. Google scans false or however suspicious and ingenuine reviews.

Rating aggregation sources are:

f - Google Trusted Stores
A program that helps customers discover qualified online stores that offer a great shopping experience.

- Google Customer Reviews
A free program that collects post-purchase reviews on behalf of advertisers.

- StellaService
An independent company that analyzes and measures advertiser’s customer service, shipment, and returns.

- Aggregated performance metrics
Taken from Google-led shopping research

- Google consumer surveys
A market research tool that enables advertisers to create online surveys and help customers make more informed decisions.
Can my business benefit from Seller Ratings? The answer to this question is YES.

Seller Ratings are a certification that your business is well worth customers’ attention. Integrating them is like having Google back you up.

Seller ratings boost visibility
If your business is making its first online steps and not yet familiar to people, it is more likely to be clicked on if it has Google ratings.

Seller ratings attract new customers
Think of seller ratings as a form of word-of-mouth marketing, a personal recommendation from one customer to another.

Seller ratings increase click-thru rates and conversions
A test by Google concluded that businesses displaying seller rating experienced 17% rise in click-thru rates and 25% increase in conversions.

Seller ratings reduce cost and elevate quality score
Higher click-thru rates lead to a quality score increase and an average cost reduction of 14.5%.

Seller ratings build up credibility & transparency
88% of consumers trust online reviews and recommendations. Star ratings instill trust for potential buyers and determine their final shopping decisions.
Want to integrate your Google Seller Ratings? In order to appear on Google search results and Google search partners you must meet the following requirements:

• Have 150 unique reviews written in the past 12 months.

Google knows how to spot fake reviews. They scan and dismiss them. Work your way up to getting more bonafide reviews from real customers.

• Reach a total score of 3.5 stars or higher.

Google wants to make sure your average score is high enough to display. If not the case and your ratings are lower, displaying your seller ratings can do more harm than good.

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