Review Content Policy & Guidelines

ReviewMaster is has a knowledgeable community of reviewers. Whether you read reviews or write reviews, our goal is to make sure you submit and receive the ratings, reviews, and recommendations that will help make a helpful and trustworthy decision for yourself and others.

Our Philosophy & Mission

ReviewMaster exists to encourage people to express their honest opinions on websites, brands, services, and products and help others make smarter and better decisions. What you think and say is important to us and we highly appreciate your passion to contribute to the ReviewMaster community. You help nurture an open conversation. People are better educated due to your input whether they decide to follow it or not. We publish your reviews because we believe they are relevant, thought-provoking (positive and negative) and valuable.

We are committed to serving as a trusted source for customer reviews, where opinions from all over the world are freely accepted and informed decisions are made. If by any chance you encounter a false or defamatory review, please report it and include further information for our moderation team to verify.

Our reviewer guidelines are aimed to clarify what we determine as a good review and prevent improper situations that may cause unnecessary damage to either the reviewer and the business they review.

We value your thoughts.

Please read the guidelines below and help us cultivate a fun and vibrant platform for all users and opinions.

Content that does not follow these guidelines will be rejected and removed.

Inappropriate content We encourage creativity and colorful content, however, curse words, foul language, threats, harassment, racist and sexist expressions, hate speeches and such are not welcomed.
Sexually explicit materials We do not allow any depiction or description of nudity and activity of sexual nature. Reviews containing or presenting in any way smut, indecency, softcore/ hardcore pornography, abuse and exploitation of men, women, and children is absolutely forbidden. Any content of the sort will be removed immediately from ReviewMaster and result in the deletion of your account and a report to the right authorities.
Originality & copyright Your reviews must be your own original content. We do not allow plagiarism from another reviewer or source. Reviews containing any copyrighted materials without permission will be removed.
Impersonation Your reviews should only be written by you alone. Do not post reviews using someone else’s identity and do not write reviews on behalf of someone else.
Relevancy & accuracy All reviews must contain relevant and accurate details. Off-topic and irrelevant comments will be deleted. No rants, factual disputes, exaggeration, payment demands, political and religious ideologies, extraordinary circumstances and other matters that do not directly address your experience.
Illegal content We do not allow reviews the include links to wrongful content, including links that facilitate the use or sale of illegal substances or prescription free drugs.
Personal or confidential information We respect the privacy of others. Reviews containing personal information and otherwise confidential materials will be removed. Do not include any financial information (credit cards, bank accounts), a person’s full name and social security number, addresses and phone numbers, government ID numbers, driver’s license details, etc.
Advertising Reviews used for self-promotion and advertising other websites will be deleted. Use your reviews to reflect your genuine experience of the website, service, product or place you’re utilizing.
Spam Spam reviews are not welcomed. Do not include any commercial content or links, use insignificant characters or duplicate your reviews under different names.
Conflicts of interest Your honest and unbiased reviews are highly valued. Do not review a place your work for, a service you promote or a product you sell. Don’t accept any offered payment for writing positive reviews on a service, product or business or writing negative reviews on a business’ competitors. Keep your reviews objective and authentic.

ReviewMaster reserve the right to reject or remove a review at any time for any reason, should we decide it bypasses our guidelines. This action remains at our sole discretion and no one else’s. ReviewMaster contains only individual and subjective opinions and feedback of our signed-up reviewers.

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