Drive Quality Traffic to Your Business

Pull potential customers towards your brand

- Get people to talk about your brand -
Word of Mouth

Encourage MORE user-generated content Customer reviews represent the collective voice of your brand. Turn it up. Invite your customers to write reviews, share them on their social media channels and leverage on WOM marketing. Let your customers do the talking for you.
Give reviews a social boost Drive quality traffic from social media. Use reviews effectively and make sure everyone sees the quality content your customers write about your brand. Time to share them on social media and deliver the right message to potential shoppers. Your brand in the front row.
Emails are powerful Give your customers a nice poke. Focus on attracting new customers with emails. ReviewMaster’s dynamic dashboard enables you to send friendly email reminders moderately to registered visitors and customers and significantly uplift your traffic.
Analyze your traffic Who’s visiting your site? Keep a close eye on your traffic’s data and use the information to drive more visitors to your website. Use your ReviewMaster’s dashboard to evaluate visitor demographics, reviews frequency, and posts. See where your traffic is coming from.