About Us

Who We Are We’re a team of enthusiasts who strive to change the way consumers influence your brand’s reputation. We provide you and your reviewers an innovative platform that enables both of you to engage in a dialog with each other that will eventually lead to a trusted shopping experience.
ReviewMaster is dedicated to helping you boost your reputation and conversions by showcasing your best reviews on your site, turning the negative reviews into positive ones by enabling a quick respond to your customers in a timely manner and showing them you care.

What We Do Motivating consumers to review and brands to respond is our main focus.
ReviewMaster consists of cutting-edge tools and technologies fundamental for creating a loyal consumer-business relationship, sharing authentic reviews, harnessing trust and turning it into sales, initiating social empowerment for both businesses and reviewers all resulting in people making smarter shopping decisions.

Our Mission
Motivate Consumers to review and brands to respond Change The way reviews are perceived in the eyes of consumers and businesses Trust Is key when it comes to brand reputation.

The wisdom of the crowd is a powerful tool.
We embrace it.