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Fred Perry

Impact  87
Reviews & Ratings  3
Thanked  1
Flag Posted on Jul 20 2018

I always love River Island.. Everything is awesome. Love their clothes and accessories..

Trif Elena Diana

Impact  30
Reviews & Ratings  1
Flag Posted on Jul 18 2018

River Island is the perfect place to shop for casual clothing.They have one of the best

Charlotte Parker

Impact  102
Reviews & Ratings  2
Flag Posted on Jul 14 2018

I love river island clothing the site is eady to navigate they always have the latest and the hottest styles of clothing. As well as the most awesom handbags shoes and jewelry and evrything is affordable I highly recommend checking out this site.

RM Influencer

Impact  2.9K
Reviews & Ratings  482
Followers  513
Thanked  52
Flag Posted on Aug 17 2018

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