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Nicky Sennitt reviews

Great app, easy to use, fantastic deals, customer service is always so reliable, rare to find good service so makes me chose Expedia more often than not.

Kevin Wiley reviews
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Ori Preis reviews
Ori Preis gave Expedia a 5 star rating
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Wendy Berkowitz reviews

I’ve used Expedia for years and I LOVE it. Even when I’ve had issues getting a package I wanted, I called them and they figured it all out for me. Love them!

Erykah Jade reviews

Expedia is a site I have used for years and honestly have never been disappointed. My bookings are always honored, the prices are usually unmatched and I find that the actual hotels are very close to what's advertised.

Gili Ben-Shlomo reviews



Expedia's cancellation rules suck, but when I spoke to their customer service department they were great and really helpful. Don't purchase a flight on expedia unless you are 1000000% sure you are not going to cancel or change the flight. If so, then you have to pay a fee and it's a mess.