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Roshonda Caldwell reviews

I love this brand, about a uear ago i was privledged enough to help a family out by donating sevsral pairs of shoes to them and the storw even gave me a bit extra off to help woth the cost. Thinking of doing this again for another family that needs the help! Im sure they will be jist as helpful as before...

Mile Norman reviews
Mile Norman gave adidas a 5 star rating
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Evelasio Imme Imme reviews

Very good Adidas also sponsors sports sponsors several other events and of course its various clean products worth checking out

Translated from Portuguese

Muito boa a Adidas além de patrocinar esportes patrocina outros vários eventos além é claro dos seus vários produtos impecáveis vale a pena conferir

Kareem Elahlawy reviews
Jose Joaquin Leon reviews
Jose Joaquin Leon gave adidas a 5 star rating
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Ori Preis reviews
Ori Preis gave adidas a 5 star rating
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