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Send Follow-up Emails Catch your customers' attention right after they make a purchase. Follow-up emails are the best way to confirm satisfaction and consumer retention. Show the initiative to grow your customers, not lose them. Follow up.
​Make Reviews Fun - Gamify Your customers may not always have the time or patience to write reviews. Make reviews fun and socially rewarding. Motivate them to achieve their social goals, engagement, and loyalty by becoming your brand ambassadors.
Trust Seal - Integrate Reviews Everywhere Claim your ReviewMaster Trust Seal for free. Place the seal anywhere on your site, where you think your reviewers can see it best. Your fully customized Trust Seal is visible and garners more online reviews from both visitors and purchasing customers.
Respond to Reviews Your customers took the time to sit down and review your business. Whether a review is positive or negative, your honest response is required to leverage more feedback and earn more business in the process.
Always Say Thank You Respond to reviewers which particularly caught your eye with their awesome review and thank them. This simple act will not only surprise them but will also turn them from satisfied into incredibly loyal advocates. Saying thank you always works.