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Boost trust & reputation Collect authentic reviews from real customers. Use their insightful feedback to better your business, service, and reputation. Give them a reason you to trust you, buy from you and come back for more.
Retain your customer's loyalty Reviews play a vital role in your business’s longevity, especially when you know how to correspond with your reviewers. Make unhappy customers happy. Show them you are here to listen & implement.
Motivate your customers to review Give consumers the power to become social influencers. Encourage them to write more reviews, interact with each other using fun gamification, compliments and review levels & trophies.
Increase conversions & sales Use reviews to differentiate you from your competitors. Claim your free Trust Seal and place it anywhere on your site, flash your ratings and final star score and attract quality visitors to buy.
Build a long-term relationship with your customers ReviewMaster platform allows you to invest in post-sales engagement, create customer inventory and always stay in updated. Catch them right before they check-out and always leave them wanting more.
Rank higher on search results SEO is key. Use ReviewMaster’s SEO advanced tools to drive quality traffic to your business. Stay visible by integrating Google’s Seller Ratings on your website and enhance your ranking on search results.

Cultivate the Wisdom of Your Crowd With ReviewMaster’s smart marketing tools you can showcase your business to your community and leverage more consumer reviews.

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